Publications iconProposed Permanent Kansas Administrative Regulations

This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Bank Commissioner, Office of the State 03-29-2022 View PDF
17-11-18 Loans; documentation requirements
Health and Environment, Department of 01-26-2022 View PDF
28-35-135a Definitions
28-35-135c Definitions
28-35-135f Definitions
28-35-135i Definitions
28-35-135l Definitions
28-35-135m Definitions
28-35-135n Definitions
28-35-135o Definitions
28-35-135s Definitions
28-35-135u Definitions
28-35-178a General license; certain ionization devices
28-35-178i General licenses for certain units of radium-226
28-35-181d Specific licenses for one or more groups of medical uses
28-35-181j Specific licenses to manufacture and distribute calibration sources containing americium-241 or radium-226
28-35-181m Specific licenses to manufacture, prepare, or distribute radiopharmaceuticals containing radioactive material for medical use
28-35-181r Special licenses to manufacture, process, import, distribute, or transfer certain radioactive material to persons exempt from regulation pursuant to K.A.R. 28-35-192a
28-35-181u Registration of sealed source information
28-35-181v Inactivation of certificates of registration for sealed sources and devices
28-35-192e Exemptions; gas and aerosol detectors containing radioactive material
28-35-192f Exemptions; self-luminous products containing tritium, krypton-85 or promethium-147
28-35-192h Certain industrial devices
28-35-195a Intrastate transportation of radioactive materials
28-35-196a Preparation of radioactive material for transport
28-35-227c Records of radiation protection programs
28-35-231c Transfer for disposal; manifests
28-35-264 General requirements
28-35-282a Inspection and maintenance of radiation machines, radiographic exposure devices, transport and storage containers, associated equipment, source changers, and survey instruments
28-35-291 Performance requirements for radiography equipment
28-35-450 General requirements
28-35-500 General license: NRC-approved packages
28-35-500a General license: use of foreign-approved package
28-35-504 Advance notification of shipment of certain types of licensed or registered material
28-35-504a Records
28-35-505 Quality assurance requirements
28-35-700 General requirements
Health and Environment, Department of 02-03-2022 View PDF
28-16-28b Definitions
28-16-28e Surface water quality criteria
28-16-28f Administration of surface water quality standards
28-16-28g Surface water register
28-16-28h Surface water variance register
Nursing, Board of 03-11-2022 View PDF
60-3-101 Licensure
60-11-103 Licensure and educational requirements for advanced practice registered nurses