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About iconOffice Initiatives

Election Security Initiative

Secretary Schwab announced the creation of the Election Security Initiative within the Secretary of State's office in 2021. The initiative was developed to help enhance the office’s operations toward securing the electoral system. As part of the initiative, the Secretary of State's office introduced legislation that was signed into law to increase election security and launched an online reporting tool for voter fraud and intimidation inquiries. The agency also provides educational material to help inform voters of the laws, regulations, and best practices in place to ensure election integrity in Kansas. Read the press release HERE.

Certified Election Training

Secretary Schwab announced in spring 2022 that the office was instituting the first-of-its-kind certified training for county election officials. The process provides certification of local officials on election security and procedures in addition to the current training required under K.S.A. 25-124. The program helps county offices by improving uniformity in election administration across counties; teaches how to implement new policies and state/federal laws; and provides a standard training course. Read the press release HERE.

Kansas Business ONE-Stop

Secretary Schwab believes Kansas business owners should focus more time on their business — not filing forms with or navigating government. That is why the office partnered with other state agencies in the development of Kansas Business One Stop in 2019. The online portal assists businesses with filing the necessary forms to establish their company, obtaining the necessary certifications or business permits, and remaining compliant with applicable state laws. The site also provides guidance for Kansans looking to start a business and resources to help businesses grow and expand. Read the press release HERE.

Biennial Business Filing

As part of Secretary Schwab’s modernization initiative within the agency, Kansas businesses will file information reports with the Kansas Secretary of State every two years instead of an annual report every year starting January 1, 2024. The content of the information report will not change. Transitioning from annual filling to biennial will reduce paperwork for Kansas business owners. Read the press release HERE.

Regulation Modernization Initiative

Kansas has conducted the permanent regulation approval process by paper since 1965. To improve the efficiency and transparency of Kansas rule and regulation making, Secretary Schwab launched a regulation making reform initiative. This initiative aims to modernize the regulation making process for all state agencies, boards, and commissions. The completion of this initiative will improve state government by cutting the regulatory process burden, reducing storage and paper costs, and streamlining the process through digital submissions and collaboration. It will also create more transparency and accessibility to the public.

Get Out the Vote 2024

Kansans head to the polls on three occasions in 2024, translating into a busy election season for the Secretary of State and county election officials. Voters will be making their choices known in March in the Presidential Preference Primary, in August for the primary election, and in November for the general election. The Secretary of State and county election officials will be assisting Kansans who are seeking to register to vote and those who are needing to update their voter information, including change of address. Information about the election process and how to register for the upcoming election cycle can be found at and by downloading our Election 101 information guide.