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All corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), limited partnerships (LPs), and any other entity formed under the Kansas General Corporation Code, must register with the Kansas Secretary of State. Foreign (non-Kansas) businesses doing business in Kansas must also register with the Kansas Secretary of State. (K.S.A. 17-7901, K.S.A. 17-7932)

General partnerships are not required to register with the Kansas Secretary of State but may file a Statement of Partnership Authority. Sole proprietors do not register with the Kansas Secretary of State.

Note for registering: Foreign (non-Kansas) business entities must file by submitting a foreign application by paper.

Why Register?

Registering with the Secretary of State is a fundamental step in the formalization of a business, ensuring that it operates within Kansas’ legal framework and receives the necessary protections and benefits associated with its legal structure. Specific reasons for registration include:

  1. Legal Recognition: Registering with the Secretary of State provides legal recognition to the business. It establishes the existence of the business as a separate legal entity distinct from its owners or members. For the owners or members to receive the liability protection provided by the law, the business must adhere to the formalities required by the law.
  2. Public Record: The registration creates a public record of the business's formation, structure, and ownership. This transparency allows interested parties, such as investors, customers, and creditors, to access important information about the business.
  3. Legal Compliance: Registration ensures that the business complies with state laws and regulations governing businesses. Different types of businesses are subject to specific rules, and compliance helps maintain the legal standing of the business.
  4. Regulatory Oversight: Regulatory agencies may use the registration information to oversee and regulate certain types of businesses. This is particularly important in industries that are subject to specific regulations or licensing requirements such as insurance, banking, and professional organizations.
  5. Protection of Business Name: Registering with the Secretary of State helps protect the business name. Once a name is registered, it may be reserved for the exclusive use of that business within the jurisdiction, preventing other businesses from registering with the exact same name.
  6. Enforcement of Contracts: Having a registered legal entity with a designated registered agent is crucial for enforcing contracts and agreements. It establishes the capacity of the business to enter into legal relationships, sue, and be sued.
  7. Foreign Qualification: If a business operates in states other than its state of formation, it needs to qualify as a foreign business. Foreign qualification involves registering with the Secretary of State in order to do business in Kansas.

Additional Required Filings

The Kansas Secretary of State has only two requirements applicable to all registered entities:

  1. Regularly update the resident agent and/or registered office if the name or address changes, (See the Change/Amend a Business page) and
  2. File an information report at regular intervals after registering. (See the Information Reports page)

Visit the Kansas Business One Stop for more information on starting and maintaining a business in Kansas.

Non-Kansas (Foreign) Registration Forms

Paper Form - (Click on the form name to open the paper form.)
FA - Foreign Application - LLC, LLP, LP, Corporation
FBT - Foreign Business Trust Application

Kansas (Domestic) Registration Forms

Paper Form - (Click on the form name to open the paper form.)
DLLP - Limited Liability Partnership Statement of Qualification

Paper Form - (Click on the form name to open the paper form.)
File Online CK - Certificate for a Limited Partnership

Paper Form - (Click on the form name to open the paper form.)
DBT - Domestic Business Trust Application

Other Registration Forms

Paper Form - (Click on the form name to open the paper form.)
BW - Bonded Warehouse License Application & Warehouseman Bond
GA - General Partnership Statement of Authority
HCC - Healthcare Card Supplier Application
NR - Reservation of Exclusive Right to Entity Name*
*This application is for use by any business entity intending to organize or amend its name on a future date. This application does not register an assumed, fictitious, trade, or DBA (doing business as) name.