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General Services iconLabor Unions

Information About Labor Unions

All labor organizations and employee organizations (often referred to a labor unions) must file a copy of the bylaws or constitution with the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office. With the bylaws or constitution, a letter indicating the legal name of the labor union operating in Kansas and official mailing address must be provided. Additionally, if the fiscal month is any month other than December, the letter must indicate the correct fiscal month.

Amending a Registration

Every labor union is required to file updated bylaws or constitutions if any changes have been made to these documents. When submitting updated bylaws or constitution, a cover letter must be provided indicating the current labor union’s legal name on file with this office, and if the name of the labor union has changed, the official mailing address has changed, or the fiscal month has changed, the letter must also indicate these changes.

Business Agent Registration

Any person who acts for a labor organization in contract negotiations, servicing existing contracts, or in organizing employees into collective bargaining units in the state of Kansas must register as a business agent. A form BA must be submitted for each business agent under a labor union with the $20 filing fee.

Annual Reports

Any labor union on file with the Kansas Secretary of States office who has 100 members or more must submit an annual report once per year. The annual report is due between Jan. 1st and Apr. 15th preceding the last fiscal year end. The form LA may be submitted for the annual report with the filing fee of $25.

In lieu of the form LA, the labor union may choose to submit an LM-1 that is filed with the United States Department of Labor. Once this is on file with the Kansas Secretary of States Office, either an LM-2 or LM-3 may be submitted in place of the form LA once per year. The LM-1 only needs to be submitted once to this office.

Submitting Documents

All documents may be submitted to the following address:

Kansas Secretary of State’s Office
Memorial Hall, 1st Floor
120 SW 10th Ave.
Topeka, KS 66612