Victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking or stalking who are in fear for their safety may complete an application with an enrolling assistant. In addition to basic contact information, the applicant must also provide the names and ages of any children in the home; evidence showing the individual is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking or stalking; and agree to allow the program to accept all mail and service of process for the individual. Program participants who have a minor child or children and have court orders regarding the custody, visitation or support of the child or children must notify Safe at Home of the agreements or any pending court action. Safe at Home is required to notify the other parent and opposing counsel of the substitute mailing address provided by the program for the participant.

Once a participant is certified in the program, he or she can begin using the substitute address. All state and local government agencies must accept the substitute address. Private businesses may accept the substitute address but are not required to do so. First-class and certified mail that is sent to the substitute address will be forwarded by Safe at Home (at no cost to the participant) to the participant's actual location. Safe at Home will only forward packages if the participant has received prior approval from the SaH program coordinator.

The SaH brochure (Español) with additional information about the program can be printed from this site. To have copies mailed to you, please e-mail with your contact information and the number of brochures you would like to receive.