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The Secretary of State’s office is responsible for distributing four types of state legal publications annually, Kansas Statutes Annotated, Kansas Administrative Regulations, Session Laws, and House and Senate Journals. Current legal publications and some historic copies are available for purchase through our office.

Kansas Statutes Annotated (K.S.A.)

Kansas Statutes Annotated (K.S.A.) books contain all general laws enacted by the Legislature integrated into the body of existing law, as well as the Kansas and U.S. Constitution, table of sections, and a general index. The K.S.A.s are published either in volumes or cumulative supplements to existing volumes.

Kansas Administrative Regulations (K.A.R.)

Kansas Administrative Regulations (K.A.R.) books contain permanent regulations adopted by state agencies. These regulations are published in volumes or as supplements to existing volumes.

Session Laws

Session Laws books include all acts passed during each session of the Legislature, as well as vetoes and certain other messages from the governor, certain concurrent resolutions, executive reorganization orders, directories of certain officials and a list of statues repealed and amended by Legislature.

House and Senate Journals

House and Senate Journals are the official record of chamber activity during a legislative session.

To order current or historical legal publications to be shipped directly to your home or business, complete the shipped legal publications order form above and return by mail. You may also pick up books directly from our office for a reduced price by completing the walk-in legal publications order form.

The prices and dates of availability are found on the order forms.

To contact our office for more information, call 785-296-BOOK (2665) or email