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Publications iconProposed Permanent Kansas Administrative Regulations

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This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Accountancy, Board of 04-03-2024 View PDF
74-1-3 Retaking the examination and granting of credits
74-4-7 Continuing education requirements
74-4-8 Continuing education programs; requirements
74-4-9 Continuing education controls and reporting
74-5-2 Definitions
74-5-2a Definitions of terms in the AICPA code of professional conduct
74-5-2b Applicability of AICPA professional standards
74-5-101 Independence
74-5-102 Integrity and objectivity
74-5-201 General standards
74-5-202 Compliance with standards
74-5-203 Accounting principles
74-5-301 Confidential client information
74-5-407 Revocation
74-5-408 Revocation
74-10-1 Revocation
74-10-2 Revocation
74-12-1 Fees
74-16-1 Cooperation with the board
74-16-2 Notification of non-renewal; change of name or address
Aging and Disability Services, Department for 03-28-2024 View PDF
26-52-1 Definitions
26-52-2 Licensure application process
26-52-3 License term; license changes; and renewal application process
26-52-4 Insurance
26-52-5 Inspections
26-52-6 Background checks
26-52-7 Operations
26-52-8 Environmental requirements
26-52-9 Personnel qualifications
26-52-10 Staff training
26-52-11 Scheduling and direct supervision
26-52-12 Emergency plan; safety; security
26-52-13 Admission and retention screenings
26-52-14 Records
26-52-15 Treatment plan
26-52-16 Mental health services
26-52-17 Alcohol and substance abuse services
26-52-18 Case management services
26-52-19 Physical health care
26-52-20 Medication administration; prescribing other treatments
26-52-21 Ancillary services
26-52-22 Infection control; COVID-19 protections
26-52-23 Laundry; bedding
26-52-24 Food service; ice and drinking water
26-52-25 Transportation
26-52-26 Patient rights
26-52-27 Restraints and seclusion
26-52-28 Notification and reporting requirements
26-52-29 Quality improvement program
26-52-30 Discharge; transfer
26-52-31 Animals
26-52-32 Closure; zero census
Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board 03-26-2024 View PDF
102-2-6 Program approval
102-3-3a Education requirements
102-4-3a Educational requirements
102-5-3 Education requirements
102-5-7b Requirements for board-approved clinical supervisor; application
102-5-10 Continuing education for licensees
102-7-3 Educational requirements
102-7-4 Application for licensure
102-7-5 Examination for addiction counselor, master's addiction counselor, or clinical addiction counselor
102-7-7 Renewal; late renewal
102-7-8 Renewal audit
Children and Families, Department for 03-08-2024 View PDF
30-47-100 License fees
30-47-102 Definitions
30-47-103 Application process
30-47-104 Terms of temporary permit or license
30-47-105 Background checks
30-47-106 Operations
30-47-107 Environmental requirements
30-47-108 Personnel qualifications
30-47-109 Professional development; training
30-47-110 Scheduling and direct supervision
30-47-111 Emergency plan; safety; security
30-47-112 Admission policies
30-47-113 Rights of juveniles
30-47-114 Release policies
30-47-115 Case management
30-47-116 Program
30-47-117 Health care
30-47-118 Behavior management
30-47-119 Restraint
30-47-120 Isolation
30-47-121 Records
30-47-122 Notification and reporting requirements
30-47-123 Laundry; bedding
30-47-124 Food Services
30-47-125 Nutrition
30-47-126 Transportation
30-47-127 Animals
Children and Families, Department for 03-15-2024 View PDF
28-4-170 Revocation
28-4-171 Revocation
28-4-172 Revocation
28-4-173 Revocation
28-4-174 Revocation
28-4-175 Revocation
28-4-176 Revocation
28-4-177 Revocation
28-4-178 Revocation
28-4-800 Revocation
28-4-801 Revocation
28-4-803 Revocation
28-4-804 Revocation
28-4-805 Revocation
28-4-806 Revocation
28-4-807 Revocation
28-4-808 Revocation
28-4-809 Revocation
28-4-810 Revocation
28-4-811 Revocation
28-4-812 Revocation
28-4-813 Revocation
28-4-814 Revocation
28-4-815 Revocation
28-4-816 Revocation
28-4-817 Revocation
28-4-818 Revocation
28-4-819 Revocation
28-4-820 Revocation
28-4-821 Revocation
28-4-822 Revocation
28-4-823 Revocation
28-4-824 Revocation
28-4-825 Revocation
30-47-3 Revocation
30-47-312 Online information dissemination system
30-47-800 Definitions
30-47-801 License required
30-47-802 License requirements
30-47-803 Licensing procedure
30-47-804 Terms of license; validity of temporary permit or license; renewal license; amendments; exceptions; withdrawal of application or request to close
30-47-805 Background checks
30-47-806 Training
30-47-807 Reporting requirements for infectious or contagious disease; positive tuberculin test; critical incidents; abuse and neglect
30-47-808 Recordkeeping requirements; confidentiality
30-47-809 Basic record information; other required record information; departure requirements
30-47-810 Case plan
30-47-811 Caregiver qualifications; supervision
30-47-813 Reasonable and prudent parent standard
30-47-815 Behavior management practices; prohibited punishment; physical restraint; notification requirements
30-47-816 Transportation
30-47-817 Nutrition; food handling and storage
30-47-818 Storage and administration of medication
30-47-819 Health care
30-47-820 General environmental requirements
30-47-821 Sleeping arrangements
30-47-822 Safety procedures; emergency plan; drills
30-47-823 Outside premises
30-47-824 Swimming pools, wading pools, and hot tubs; off-premises swimming and wading activities
30-47-825 Animals
30-47-900 Definitions
30-47-901 License requirements
30-47-902 Application procedures
30-47-903 Validity of temporary permit or license; advertising; withdrawal of application or request to close
30-47-904 Temporary permit or license
30-47-905 Background checks
30-47-906 Administration
30-47-907 Staff qualifications; staff levels; staff training; volunteers
30-47-908 Case records
30-47-909 Reporting requirements
30-47-910 Services for children in out-of-home placement
30-47-912 Case plans
30-47-913 Services for birth families and expectant parents
30-47-914 Sponsorship services for placement families and adoptive families
30-47-915 Complaints and concerns regarding foster families and adoptive families
30-47-916 Family assessments for foster placement families and adoptive families
30-47-917 Specific services for licensed and child-placement agency-approved family foster homes
30-47-918 Adoption services
30-47-919 Health-related requirements
30-47-920 Environmental standards
30-47-921 Safety
30-47-922 Transportation
Corporation Commission 03-19-2024 View PDF
82-4-1 Definitions
82-4-3j Inspection, repair, and maintenance
82-4-30a Applications for interstate registration
Education, Department of 03-12-2024 View PDF
91-22-1a Denial; grounds; report
91-22-1b Suspension or revocation of license; public censure; grounds; report
91-22-2 Commission procedure
91-22-5a Complaints
91-22-9 Answer; time to file; form; content; right to amend
91-22-22 Hearing procedure
91-22-25 Decision of the commission; review by state board
Education, Department of 05-14-2024 View PDF
91-31-35 Graduation requirements
Emergency Medical Services Board 03-05-2024 View PDF
109-2-2 Application for ambulance service permit and ambulance license; permit renewal and license renewal
Health and Environment, Department of 03-21-2024 View PDF
28-16-113 Interest rate
28-16-114 Repayment of loans
Health and Environment, Department of 05-16-2024 View PDF
28-45-2a Definitions
28-45-3a Permit required
28-45-4a Well conversions and reentry
28-45-5a Storage facility permit application; renewal
28-45-6a Storage well and cavern permitting requirements
28-45-7a Public notice
28-45-8a Transfer and modification of a facility permit
28-45-9a Signatory authority
28-45-10a Sitting requirements for a storage facility or storage well and cavern
28-45-11a Financial assurance for storage facility closure
28-45-12 Operations and maintenance plan
28-45-13 Emergency response plan; safety and security measures
28-45-14 Storage well and cavern construction requirements
28-45-15 Storage well and cavern operation and notification requirements
28-45-16 Storage well and cavern monitoring
28-45-17 Mechanical integrity test; casing evaluations
28-45-18 Groundwater monitoring
28-45-19 Records; retention
28-45-20 Workovers
28-45-21 Plugged and abandoned storage well
28-45-22 Storage facility fees
28-45-23 Brine pond; permitting requirements
28-45-24 Revocation
28-45-25 Revocation
28-45-26 Revocation
28-45-27 Revocation
28-45-28 Brine pond; construction requirements
28-45-29 Revocation
28-45-30 Brine pond decommissioning and abandonment
28-45-31 Variances
28-45b-1 Revocation
28-45b-2 Revocation
28-45b-3 Revocation
28-45b-4 Revocation
28-45b-5 Revocation
28-45b-6 Revocation
28-45b-7 Revocation
28-45b-8 Revocation
28-45b-9 Revocation
28-45b-10 Revocation
28-45b-11 Revocation
28-45b-12 Revocation
28-45b-13 Revocation
28-45b-14 Revocation
28-45b-15 Revocation
28-45b-16 Revocation
28-45b-17 Revocation
28-45b-18 Revocation
28-45b-19 Revocation
28-45b-20 Revocation
28-45b-21 Revocation
28-45b-22 Revocation
28-45b-23 Revocation
28-45b-24 Revocation
28-45b-25 Revocation
28-45b-26 Revocation
28-45b-27 Revocation
28-45b-28 Revocation
Mortuary Arts, Board of 04-11-2024 View PDF
63-4-1 Payment of fees
Property Valuation, Div of-Department of Revenue 03-22-2024 View PDF
93-6-2 Education requirements
93-6-3 Continuing education requirements
93-6-5 Case study requirements
Regents, Board of 03-19-2024 View PDF
88-9b-1 Definitions
88-9b-2 Application
88-9b-3 Appeal procedure
88-9b-4 Scholarship terms and conditions
88-9b-5 Postponement of or release from adult learner grant agreement requirements
88-9b-6 Repayment
Regents, Board of 03-19-2024 View PDF
88-13-7 Revocation
88-13-8 Revocation
88-14-1 Revocation
88-14-2 Revocation
88-14-3 Revocation
88-14-4 Revocation
88-18-1 Revocation
88-18-2 Revocation
88-18-3 Revocation
88-18-4 Revocation
88-18-5 Revocation
88-18-6 Revocation
88-18-7 Revocation
88-18-8 Revocation
88-20-2 Revocation
88-20-6 Revocation
88-20-7 Revocation
88-21-5 Revocation
88-21-6 Revocation
88-21-7 Revocation
88-22-5 Revocation
88-27-1 Revocation
88-27-2 Revocation
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 03-28-2024 View PDF
115-25-11 Furbearers; open seasons and bag limits
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 03-28-2024 View PDF
115-4-11 Big game and wild turkey permit applications
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 03-28-2024 View PDF
115-30-10 Personal watercraft; definition, requirements, and restrictions
Workers Compensation, Div of-Department of Labor 04-09-2024 View PDF
51-9-7 Fees for medical and hospital services