Help America Vote Act (HAVA) 2009 Kansas State Plan

The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) is the United States Congress' response to the problems that occurred during the 2000 presidential election. HAVA is a broad federal law that requires change in almost every area of the voting process. As Kansas' chief election official, the Secretary of State is responsible for ensuring the new requirements are carried out and correctly implemented in our state.

Numerous changes have occurred since passage of HAVA in 2002. Significant changes include new training and education programs for election officials and a statewide computerized voter registration system. In addition, accessible voting equipment has been implemented in every polling place, allowing individuals with disabilities to cast an independent vote. We are working to ensure that our state has the most technologically advanced systems and highly trained workers at every polling place. The new mandates have made Kansas' electoral system more uniform and secure.

The state plan is our roadmap for implementation of the HAVA requirements in Kansas. The plan was developed with assistance from the Kansas Election Reform Advisory Council, a group of Kansans from across the state who are committed to making our electoral process a model of excellence. It is a living document that is reviewed, updated and published periodically with assistance from the advisory council.

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Jameson Beckner
HAVA Coordinator