· Kansas announced a contract with Election Systems and Software (ES&S) to implement the central voter registration system as required by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). Kansas named its system Election Voter Information System (ELVIS) and it will include an election management component.

· Kansas sent out a request for proposals for bids on HAVA compliant voting machines.

· Deadline to submit HAVA compliant voting machine proposals.

· The voting machine review committee began meeting to review proposals.

· Kansas sent a hard copy and faxed Financial Status Report to General Services Administration outlining how HAVA dollars have been spent.

· Kansas posted addendum to federal HAVA fund report.
· Senate Bill 479, which enacts federal mandates to state law, passed both the Kansas House and Senate and was signed by the Governor. The law became effective upon publication in the statute books.

· The Kansas County Clerk and Election Officials Association adopted a voting system security document as recommended by the Secretary of State. The security document requires certain security procedures to guarantee that voting remains secure in Kansas.

· Secretary of State's office provided training materials to all county election officers.

· Accessibility products ordered and delivered to counties.
· Voter's Rights and Responsibilities Posters were distributed to county election offices.
· State Advisory Council met to discuss updates to the Kansas State Plan.
· Kansas received a $100,000 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services to be spent to improve accommodations for voters with disabilities.

· Kansas launched the Vote! Kansas program statewide. This program was the voter education program for the 2004 election cycle and informed voters of the HAVA changes taking place that would change the voting experience. HAVA requires voter education and outreach and this program met those requirements. More information is available at www.voteks.org.

· Kansas submits local and state nominees to the federal Election Assistance Commission Standards Board. The nominees are Don Merriman, Saline County Clerk, and Secretary Thornburgh.
· Secretary Thornburgh proposes House Bill 2288 in the Kansas Legislature to bring Kansas into compliance with January 1, 2004, HAVA deadlines.

· The Kansas Election Reform Advisory Council convenes.
· February 27: House Bill 2288 is approved by the Kansas House of Representatives.

· The Kansas Election Reform Advisory Council meets to develop recommendations for Kansas' state plan.
· March 28: House Bill 2288 approved by the Kansas Senate.

· Kansas applies for Title I funding for HAVA implementation.
· The Kansas Election Reform Advisory Council meets to develop recommendations for Kansas' state plan.
· April 18: Governor Sebelius vetoes House Bill 2288.

· The Kansas Election Reform Advisory Council meets to review recommendations regarding the Kansas state plan.
· May 2: A motion in the Kansas House of Representatives to override the veto of House Bill 2288 fails.

· A public comment period on the state plan begins (comments accepted until July 14).
· June 27: A public hearing on the Kansas state plan is held.

· Kansas applies for a state grant for election assistance for individuals with disabilities.

· Secretary Thornburgh will file Kansas' state plan.

· Tentative release of a Request for Proposal for a central voter registration system.

· Kansas will file a request for waiver of the January 1, 2004, deadline for implementation of a new, statewide central voter registration system. The waiver extends the deadline for compliance to January 1, 2006.