Victims must work with an enrolling agent to apply to Safe at Home. Enrolling agents can be state or local agencies, law enforcement offices, non-profit organizations and any others designated by the secretary of state that provide counseling and shelter services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking or stalking.

Within these organizations are individuals who have received training on the Safe at Home program called enrolling assistants. The enrolling assistant will explain the program's services, the participant's responsibilities and determine if the applicant could benefit from participation as part of an overall safety plan. A complete safety plan should be discussed and implemented, with Safe at Home as only one piece of the plan. Safe at Home used alone cannot keep a victim safe!

The enrolling assistant will help the applicant with the completion and filing of the Safe at Home application form with the SaH program coordinator. Once the application is accepted by Safe at Home, the participant will receive a participant card within one week to use as verification to all agencies that he or she is a member of the program.

Use the map below to find certified enrolling agents by county. The pins on the map indicate counties that have enrolling agents. If you are interested in becoming an enrolling agent, please e-mail for more information.

Note: The pins shown on the map indicate that the county has an enrolling agent(s) not the exact location of the exact location of the agent(s) in a specific county.

Kansas County Map