This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Animal Health, Div of-Department of Agriculture 12-11-2018 View PDF
9-18-6 Fees
9-18-9 Inspections of premises
9-18-28 Pet animal foster homes
Cosmetology, Kansas Board of 12-11-2018 View PDF
69-1-10 Potentially disqualifying civil and criminal records; advisory opinion; fee
Emergency Medical Services, Board of 12-17-2018 View PDF
109-5-1 Continuing education
109-8-1 Examination
109-8-2 Scheduling examinations for certification
109-11-6a Paramedic course approval
Health and Environment, Department of 10-24-2018 View PDF
28-70-2 Reporting requirements
Health and Environment, Department of 10-24-2018 View PDF
28-4-503 Timing of specimen collections
Human Rights Commission 10-19-2018 View PDF
21-30-18 Revocation
21-40-5 Revocation
21-45-1 Revocation
21-45-2 Revocation
21-45-3 Revocation
21-45-4 Revocation
21-45-5 Revocation
21-45-6 Revocation
21-45-7 Revocation
21-45-8 Revocation
21-45-9 Revocation
21-45-10 Revocation
21-45-11 Revocation
21-45-12 Revocation
21-45-13 Revocation
21-45-14 Revocation
21-45-15 Revocation
21-45-16 Revocation
21-45-17 Revocation
21-45-18 Revocation
21-45-21 Revocation
21-45-22 Revocation
21-45-23 Revocation
21-45-24 Revocation
21-45-25 Revocation
21-46-2 Revocation
21-46-3 Revocation
Mined-Land Conservation and Reclamation (KDHE) 11-28-2018 View PDF
47-2-75 Definitions; adoption by reference
47-3-1 Application for mining permit
47-3-2 Application for mining permit; adoption by reference
47-3-42 Application for mining permit; adoption by reference
47-5-5a Civil penalties; adoption by reference
47-6-1 Permit review
47-6-2 Permit revision
47-6-3 Permit renewals; adoption by reference
47-6-4 Permit transfers, assignments, and sales; adoption by reference
47-6-6 Permit conditions; adoption by reference
47-6-8 Termination of jurisdiction; adoption by reference
47-6-9 Exemption for coal extraction incidental to government-financed highway or other construction; adoption by reference
47-6-10 Exemption for coal extraction incidental to the extraction of other minerals; adoption by reference
47-6-11 Post-permit issuance requirements; adoption by reference
47-7-2 Coal exploration; adoption by reference
47-8-9 Bonding procedures; adoption by reference
47-9-1 Adoption by reference
47-9-4 Interim performance standards; adoption by reference
47-10-1 Adoption by reference; underground mining
47-11-8 Small operator assistance program; adoption by reference
47-12-4 Lands unsuitable for surface mining, adoption by reference
47-13-4 Training and certification of blasters; adoption by reference
47-14-7 Employee financial interest; adoption by reference
47-15-1a Inspection and enforcement; adoption by reference
47-16-6 Liens
47-16-9 Contractor responsibility
47-16-10 Exclusion of certain noncoal reclamation sites
47-16-12 Surface mining section's procedures for reclamation projects receiving less than 50 percent government funding
47-16-13 Reclamation of non-coal-mined lands and associated waters
Pharmacy, Board of 11-27-2018 View PDF
68-2-23 Notification to board; disciplinary action
68-7-10 Pharmacy-based drug distribution systems in long-term care facilities; emergency medication kits
68-7-25 Notification to board; pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or pharmacy intern
68-9-2 Automated drug delivery systems in pharmacies
68-9-3 Automated drug delivery system to supply drugs for administration in certain facilities
68-13-1 Revocation
68-20-15b Notification to board; suspected diversion, theft, or loss of controlled substances
Real Estate Commission 11-19-2018 View PDF
86-1-3 Expiration of licenses
86-1-5 Fees
86-1-15 Revocation
86-1-19 Submission of supporting documentation with application
86-3-15 Reporting of information
Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, Department of 11-15-2018 View PDF
115-2-3 Camping, utility, and other fees
115-2-5 Revocation
115-7-3 Fish; taking and use of baitfish or minnows
115-17-2 Commercial sale of fish bait
115-18-10 Importation and possession of certain wildlife; prohibition, permit requirement, and restrictions
Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, Department of 12-13-2018 View PDF
115-2-7 Backcountry access pass; fee, exceptions, and general provisions
115-7-1 Fishing; legal equipment, methods of taking, and other provisions
115-7-4 Fish; processing and possession
115-7-10 Fishing; special provisions
115-18-8 Retrieval and possession of game animals, sport fish, and migratory game birds