This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Accountancy, Board of 10-27-2017 View PDF
74-2-1 Applications for examination
74-2-7 Concentration in accounting
74-3-8 Ethics examination requirement for issuance of certificate
74-4-3a Permit renewal
74-4-7 Continuing education requirements
74-4-8 Continuing education programs; requirements
74-4-9 Continuing education controls and reporting
74-4-10 Continuing education requirements for renewal of initial or reinstated permits
74-5-2 Definitions
74-5-202 Compliance with standards
74-5-405 Revocation
74-5-406 Firm or professional names
74-5-408 Change of name or address
74-6-2 Management of an office
74-7-2 Firms eligible for registration
74-11-6 Definitions
74-12-1 Fees
Administration, Department of 08-30-2017 View PDF
1-9-7b Military leave; voluntary or involuntary service with reserve component of the armed forces
Agriculture, Department of 08-31-2017 View PDF
4-2-3 Sampling procedure
4-2-8 Methods of analyses
4-2-17a Revocation
4-2-21 Registration fees for wholesalers and retailers
Agriculture, Department of—Div of Animal Health 08-21-2017 View PDF
9-18-1 Revocation
9-18-2 Revocation
9-18-3 Revocation
9-18-4 Definitions
9-18-5 Importing dogs and cats
9-18-6 Fees
9-18-7 Records
9-18-8 Access to premises
9-18-9 Inspections of premises
9-18-10 General requirements for housing facilities
9-18-11 Additional requirements for indoor housing facilities and sheltered housing facilities
9-18-12 Additional requirements for outdoor housing facilities
9-18-13 Primary enclosures
9-18-14 Cleaning, sanitization, and pest control
9-18-15 Compatible grouping
9-18-16 Separation of animals by gender
9-18-17 Feeding and watering
9-18-18 Contingency planning
9-18-19 Employees and volunteers
9-18-20 Age of animal
9-18-21 Adequate veterinary medical care
9-18-22 Exercise
9-18-24 Animal breeders and animal distributors
9-18-25 Prohibiting the sale or gift of certain animals by pet shops
9-18-26 Animal research facilities
9-18-27 Rescue networks
9-18-28 Pet animal foster homes
9-18-29 Mobile adoption facilities
9-18-30 Tethering of animals by boarding or training kennel operators
9-19-12 Revocation
9-20-1 Revocation
9-20-2 Revocation
9-20-3 Revocation
9-20-4 Revocation
9-21-1 Revocation
9-21-2 Revocation
9-21-3 Revocation
9-22-1 Revocation
9-22-2 Revocation
9-22-3 Revocation
9-22-4 Revocation
9-22-5 Revocation
9-24-1 Revocation
9-24-2 Revocation
9-24-3 Revocation
9-25-1 Revocation
9-25-2 Revocation
9-25-3 Revocation
9-25-4 Revocation
9-25-5 Revocation
9-25-6 Revocation
9-25-7 Revocation
9-25-8 Revocation
9-25-9 Revocation
9-25-10 Revocation
9-25-11 Revocation
9-25-12 Revocation
9-25-13 Revocation
9-25-14 Revocation
9-25-15 Revocation
Agriculture, Department of—Div of Animal Health 08-23-2017 View PDF
9-10-33a Electronic auctions; health certificates
9-10-40 License fees and renewals
Attorney General 09-29-2017 View PDF
16-14-1 Revocation
16-14-2 Revocation
16-14-3 Revocation
16-14-4 Revocation
16-14-5 Revocation
16-14-6 Revocation
16-14-7 Revocation
16-14-8 Revocation
16-14-9 Revocation
16-14-10 Revocation
16-14-11 Revocation
Health and Environment, Department of 10-03-2017 View PDF
28-16-28b Definitions
28-16-28d Surface water classification and use designation
28-16-28e Surface water quality criteria
28-16-28f Administration of surface water quality standards
28-16-28h Surface water variance register
Human Rights Commission 10-20-2017 View PDF
21-41-5 Manner of filing
Labor, Department of 09-07-2017 View PDF
49-55-1 Applicability
49-55-2 Definitions
49-55-3 Revocation
49-55-4 Permit application; certificate of inspection
49-55-5 Revocation
49-55-6 Record retention
49-55-8 Procedure for selection of an amusement ride for compliance audit
49-55-11 Submitting reports and other documents; notification of death
49-55-12 Violations; reporting violations to the attorney general, county attorney, or district attorney
49-55-13 Nationally recognized organizations that issue certificates or other evidence of qualification to inspect amusement rides
Regents, Board of 09-19-2017 View PDF
88-28-6 Fees
Revenue, Department of 09-26-2017 View PDF
92-51-34a License plates; new issuance
Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, Department of 10-19-2017 View PDF
115-15-3 Threatened and endangered wildlife; special permits and enforcement actions
115-15-4 Recovery plans; procedures