This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Health and Environment, Department of 01-11-2018 View PDF
28-15-18 Operation and maintenance requirements
28-15-19 Disinfection of drinking water
28-15a-2 Definitions; replaced terms
28-15a-3 Coverage; conditions for exclusion
28-15a-4 Revocation
28-15a-6 Effective dates
28-15a-11 Maximum contaminant levels for inorganic chemicals
28-15a-21 Coliform sampling
28-15a-23 Inorganic chemical sampling and analytical requirements
28-15a-24 Requirements for sampling and analyzing organic chemicals
28-15a-25 Analytical methods for measuring radioactivity
28-15a-26 Frequency of monitoring for radioactivity
28-15a-27 Alternate analytical techniques and testing methods
28-15a-28 Approved laboratories
28-15a-29 Monitoring of consecutive public water supply systems
28-15a-31 General reporting requirements
28-15a-32 Electronic reporting requirements
28-15a-33 General record maintenance
28-15a-41 Special monitoring for sodium
28-15a-42 Special monitoring for corrosivity characteristics
28-15a-43 Prohibition on use of lead pipes, solder, and flux
28-15a-60 Effective dates for maximum contaminant levels and maximum residual disinfectant levels
28-15a-61 Maximum contaminant levels for organic contaminants
28-15a-62 Maximum contaminant levels for inorganic contaminants
28-15a-63 Maximum contaminant levels for microbiological contaminants
28-15a-64 Maximum contaminant levels for disinfection by-products
28-15a-65 Maximum residual disinfectant levels
28-15a-66 Maximum contaminant levels for radionuclides
28-15a-70 Requirements for filtration and disinfection
28-15a-72 Revocation
28-15a-73 Revocation
28-15a-74 Revocation
28-15a-75 Revocation
28-15a-76 Revocation
28-15a-80 Requirements for the control of lead and copper
28-15a-81 Revocation
28-15a-82 Revocation
28-15a-83 Revocation
28-15a-84 Revocation
28-15a-85 Revocation
28-15a-86 Revocation
28-15a-87 Revocation
28-15a-88 Revocation
28-15a-89 Revocation
28-15a-90 Revocation
28-15a-91 Revocation
28-15a-100 Requirements for public water supply systems using point-of-entry devices or point-of-use devices
28-15a-101 Use of bottled water
28-15a-110 General requirements for treatment techniques
28-15a-111 Treatment techniques for acrylamide and epichlorohydrin
28-15a-130 Disinfectant residuals, disinfection by-products, and disinfection by-product precursors
28-15a-131 Revocation
28-15a-132 Revocation
28-15a-133 Revocation
28-15a-134 Revocation
28-15a-135 Revocation
28-15a-151 Requirements for consumer confidence reports
28-15a-152 Revocation
28-15a-153 Revocation
28-15a-154 Revocation
28-15a-155 Revocation
28-15a-170 Enhanced filtration and disinfection requirements for subpart H systems serving 10,000 or more people
28-15a-172 Revocation
28-15a-173 Revocation
28-15a-174 Revocation
28-15a-175 Revocation
28-15a-201 Requirements for public notification
28-15a-202 Revocation
28-15a-203 Revocation
28-15a-204 Revocation
28-15a-205 Revocation
28-15a-206 Revocation
28-15a-207 Revocation
28-15a-208 Revocation
28-15a-209 Revocation
28-15a-210 Revocation
28-15a-400 Requirements for the groundwater rule
28-15a-500 Requirements for enhanced filtration and disinfection for subpart H systems serving fewer than 10,000 people
28-15a-501 Revocation
28-15a-502 Revocation
28-15a-503 Revocation
28-15a-530 Revocation
28-15a-531 Revocation
28-15a-532 Revocation
28-15a-533 Revocation
28-15a-534 Revocation
28-15a-535 Revocation
28-15a-536 Revocation
28-15a-540 Revocation
28-15a-541 Revocation
28-15a-542 Revocation
28-15a-543 Revocation
28-15a-544 Revocation
28-15a-550 Revocation
28-15a-551 Revocation
28-15a-552 Revocation
28-15a-553 Revocation
28-15a-560 Revocation
28-15a-561 Revocation
28-15a-562 Revocation
28-15a-563 Revocation
28-15a-564 Revocation
28-15a-570 Revocation
28-15a-571 Revocation
28-15a-600 Initial distribution system evaluations of the stage 2 disinfection by-products rule
28-15a-620 Disinfection by-products requirements of the stage 2 disinfection by-products rule
28-15a-700 Enhanced treatment for Cryptosporidium
28-15a-851 Requirements for the revised total coliform rule
Health and Environment, Department of 02-21-2018 View PDF
28-1-1 Definitions
28-1-2 Reporting requirements for infectious or contagious diseases and conditions
28-1-4 Hospital reporting requirements
28-1-6 Requirements for isolation and quarantine of specific infectious or contagious diseases
28-1-7 Revocation
28-1-12 Release from isolation or quarantine
28-1-13 Rabies control
28-1-18 Reporting and submission requirements for laboratories
Health and Environment, Department of 02-22-2018 View PDF
28-32-11 EBAT device certification
Insurance Department 12-19-2017 View PDF
40-3-60 Workers compensation; affidavit of exempt status
Real Estate Appraisal Board 01-09-2018 View PDF
117-8-3 "Uniform standards of professional appraisal practice"; adoption by reference
Real Estate Commission 02-19-2018 View PDF
86-3-26 Real estate brokerage relationships brochure
86-3-27 Transaction broker addendum
86-3-28 Buyer's or tenant's consent
Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, Department of 01-11-2018 View PDF
115-15-3 Threatened and endangered wildlife; special permits and enforcement actions
115-15-4 Recovery plans; procedures