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Select the order form for the vendor of your choice. The order form displays only items allowed to be purchased with HAVA funds.

Select the county name, and the amount of spending authority will auto populate, and then enter the quantity of each item you wish to order.

After completing the form, save the form to your desktop. Then print the form, sign it, and fax or mail to the elections division of our office. The fax number is 785-291-3051.

To view additional information regarding such topics as training, maintenance and support, and software configurations offered by the vendor, click on the BAFO (Best and Final Offer) document(s).

You will be billed directly by the vendor for HAVA-compliant items selected beyond your county spending authority and for non-HAVA-compliant items after site delivery and testing of equipment.

If you have questions, or are having trouble completing the form, please contact the election office at 785-296-4561.

Vendors Resources
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ES&S SOS order form
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MicroVote SOS order form
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