Kansas Secretary of State

Verisign Certificate Instructions


These are the instructions to enroll and install a PKI cert using Netscape


Open a web browser to:

If you need help with your certificate go to:

Click Enroll







Complete the enrollment form.

Corporations, Elections


Kansas Secretary of State


This is you work email address:



Leave Blank









Make sure that 2048 (High Grade) is selected


Click Submit





Enter a password




Make sure you select NO


Now you will have to wait until you receive an email from AccessKansas to proceed with the rest.  This may take a few days.







You will receive this message by default.  Now you have to until you receive an email from AccessKansas to proceed with the rest.  This may take a few days.







If your request is approved you will receive an email from helpcenter@ink.org.  Then an additional me additional message will be sent with your PIN number on it.  An example is shown below.


After you receive the email, you can then retrieve your Digital ID by following these simple steps:


Step 1: Visit the Digital ID retrieval web page. If your Administrator has set up a customized location for retrieving your Digital ID, you should visit the URL specified by your Administrator. Otherwise, you can retrieve your ID at




Step 2: In the form, enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN):


   Your PIN is: You can copy and paste this number into the next step.



Step 3: Follow the instructions on the page to complete the installation of your Digital ID.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact your Administrator by replying to this e-mail message.

Next you will need to Pick up your ID


You will need to type or paste your identification number from a previous email.  Then hit submit.




Click yes


Then follow the instructions below to see if you ID was properly installed







Your certificate should now be installed.  Follow the directions below to export your cert so that you can use it with your mail application.





Your id should show up. 




Next save your cert on you computer so we can import into you mail application.  Proceed to the next step if you still have the Certificate Manager open.

Highlight your name then click Backup



Choose a location to save your cert to.


After you choose a destination on you computer give your cert a name and click save




Enter a password to encrypt your cert then click ok



Enter your password and click ok








Next import the CA certificate into your browser.  Open a web browsers to and click CA:

Click Install CA


Then make sure that the 3 check boxes are selected then click ok





You may now close any unneeded windows.  Please refer to other directions to install your certificate into you mail application.