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last updated: 04/11/2017 22:32
Kansas 2017 Unofficial Results by County


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Kingman Harper Harvey Sedgwick Sumner Butler Cowley Greenwood Elk Chautauqua Barber Comanche Edwards Kiowa Pawnee Pratt Stafford

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Please note the following before viewing election results:
1. These are unofficial results. They will not be official until the state canvass. 2. The results are exactly as collected from county election officers on election night. 3. Results in some areas may be incomplete--challenged ballots and some advance voting ballots may not be included. 4. Results of county, township and local question submitted elections will be available only from the respective county election officers. 5. D=Democratic L=Libertarian R=Republican i=Independent
This page will be updated continuously beginning 7:00pm CST Tuesday April 11, 2017

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United States House of Representatives 004
County Precincts Reporting: 24 of 24
State Precincts Reporting: 620 of 620
Candidate County
D-James A. Thompson 203 26% 55,310 46%  
L-Chris Rockhold 16 2% 2,082 2%  
R-Ron Estes 576 73% 63,505 53%  
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