To meet the requirements of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), the State of Kansas is adopting an ELection Voter Information System. The system is designed to serve as a centralized, statewide, real-time voter registration and election management solution.

The Kansas Secretary of State's Office and county election officers will develop the statewide voter registration database to be in full operation for the 2006 cycle. The new system will be an automated, interactive system that will provide a number of significant advantages, including:

       Streamlining of the state's voter registration processes, including registration forwarding capabilities that will move voters between counties

       Reduce the number of duplicate voter registration records in the system

       Improved transmission of DMV "Motor Voter" registrations and faster transmission of information from state agencies to local election offices

       Enhanced security of election registration data and timely, accurate registration validation checks

       Significant savings through the reduction of paperwork and the elimination of time consuming, often redundant, state and local record maintenance activities

       A statewide election calendar that can also be used to schedule local election dates

In addition to voter registration functions, the Election and Voter Information System will offer the following array of election management features:

       Election Night reporting capabilities, including the ability to quickly analyze voting and turnout data

       Assistance with advanced voting ballot processing

       Petition and candidate tracking

       Polling place instructions and contact information

       Election worker tracking and recruiting functions

       Election planning tools

The ELection Voter Information System will enable Kansas to standardize many additional election forms and procedures used throughout the state.