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UNOFFICIAL 1996 primary election results

Please note the following before viewing election results:
  1. These are unofficial results. They will not be official until the state canvass in the last week of August.
  2. The results are exactly as collected from county election officers on election night.
  3. Results in some areas may be incomplete--challenged ballots and some advance voting ballots may not be included.
  4. Our site includes results for only state and national offices; results of county, township and question submitted elections are available from the respective county election officers.
  5. These are primary election results only. They include only races for Democratic and Republican nominations in contested districts, that is, where there was more than one candidate filed in the party's primary. No Libertarians, Reform party candidates, independent (unaffiliated) candidates, or judges facing retention (instead of election) are included. They run only in the general election.

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Results as of 11:53, Jul 10, 1998