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Business Services iconUCC Regulations Index

Regulation # Subject Issues
7-17-1 Definitions Definitions of key terms
7-17-2 Delivery of Records Filing officer address
File date and file time
7-17-3 Forms Required forms
7-17-4 Fees Filing fees – filing, search, copies
No fee for findings of fact
7-17-5 Methods of Payment Checks, cash, prepaid account
7-17-6 Overpayment, underpayment of fees Overpayment & underpayment of fees
7-17-7 Duties Ministerial No determination of perfection
7-17-8 Notification of Defects Filing officer may inform secured party of possible errors after filing the document
7-17-9 Defects in Filing Potential errors which do NOT constitute grounds for rejections
Duty of filing officer to report when less then all debtors or secured parties are indexed
Filing officer action when multiple conflicting actions are requested
Filing party has 30 days to object to rejection
7-17-10 Deadline for filing officer to refuse a filing Reject by second business day
7-17-11 Filing officer data entry Enter exactly as shown on form
7-17-12 Status of parties – Initial filing Debtor / SP active until 1 year after lapse
7-17-13 Status of parties – Amendment Always add never delete
Amendment affects only the rights of filer not other secured parties
7-17-14 Status of parties – Assignment Always add never delete
7-17-15 Status of parties – Continuation Extends filing five years
Search includes 1 year after lapse
7-17-16 Status of parties – Termination Acts like any other amendment
Transmitting utilities inactive one year after termination
7-17-17 Status of parties – Correction Statement No effect on record
7-17-18 Deadline for continuation Six month window
7-17-19 Errors in filing Correction statement – when required
7-17-20 Notice of Bankruptcy No action by filing office
7-17-21 Searches Search request
7-17-22 Searches Search logic
7-17-23 Searches Search report
7-17-24 Searches Transition searches